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Feb 2022

COMP0160 Perception and Interfaces

Coursework 02

Coursework length: Maximum of 2000 words (no less than 1800 words). This word count excludes references.

Response layout: Provide your response as text (clearly numbered) with a list of References at the end.

Question 1

a) Describe three types of perceptual audio-visual interaction (include relevant references) that have been studied (6 marks).

b) Explain their relevance to interface design (4 marks)

[Total of 10 marks]

Question 2

a) Describe three environmental situations in which optic flow information may be useful (3 marks). b) Provide a summary of two key experiments (including relevant references) that have                      demonstrated that optic flow may not be the only source of information available in certain              environmental conditions (7 marks).

[Total of 10 marks]

Question 3

You are given the task of creating a virtual/augmented reality interface in which individuals are required to manipulate objects within the scene.

a) Describe briefly the design of the environment of your choice (4 marks).

b) Describe how you would integrate research findings that show that object interactions can be influenced by shape, size, colour, or sound (6 marks).

[Total of 10 marks]

Question 4

a) Using the description of the interface design in Question 3 above, describe how you would            evaluate whether training with the interface could improve users’ interactions with the interface. In your answer describe the experimental method to be used including the population of choice, the   type of data to be recorded, the experimental and control conditions, as well as any practice             sessions (15 marks).

b) Briefly describe how you would analyse the data (5 marks).

[Total of 20 marks]