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MECO6936 Social Media Communication

Assignment 2, Social Media Project

Detailed Outline of Audience Engagement Template (Approx. 1500 words)

The Social Issue

- Explain and show research into the social issue you have chosen;

- Show research into the social media industry and related environments beyond your specific social issue. Are there similar social media campaigns already in operation in this space?

- What social strategies are other social media producers engaging? What ideas can you borrow/what should you avoid?

Audience Overview

- Give a detailed account of your intended audience, who they are, where they are, what they are doing and what they want from your social issue campaign;

- Show an understanding of how the social issue goals can be aligned with the audience demographics.

Automated Management and Analytics 

· Demonstrate how you intend to integrate social media management platforms such as Buffer or similar to assist in running your social media campaign.

· Demonstrate a comprehensive approach towards integrating data analytics – which analytics are useful, how do you use them, how do they guide your management.

Community Manager Approaches

· Describe how community management will integrate the first three components to deliver a successful social media campaign.

· How will this role support and strengthen user engagement, while clearly describing the guiding regulation for your chosen social media spaces.


- Provide an overview of the platforms you will use;

- To support this overview, conduct a synthesis of the literature you have read throughout the unit that specifically describes each platform you will use for your strategy;

- In this written material, you will clearly outline how the platform operates, what are the politics that surround its use, what are the sorts of publishing techniques employed by its users, and what are the implications of influencers, automation, and/or artificial intelligence;

- Finally, you will include a justification why these platforms have been chosen and how they will assist your social media campaign.

Audience Engagement strategy

- Describe your plans to encourage audience engagement and participation;

- What characteristics do your content examples have that will inspire engagement/sharing/commenting/liking etc. Point to specific examples to illustrate this.

- What types of engagements do you hope for and why?

- Which unit concepts from during the semester have you used to help you boost your campaign’s engagement?

- Explain the choices made in your content calendar? Why are you posting at certain times? What is the purpose of content?

- Describe the additional experts needed for the success of this campaign. Do you need blog writers? Do you need to engage social media influencers? Do you need to speak with industry partners? What actions would need to be taken to achieve your stated goals?