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MKTG 2308 Final Exam Example Essay Question One

You are a salesperson working for National Computer Corporation (NCC) and are trying to sell one of its major customers, Rural Services Inc., a new computer system.  The new        computer system will allow each agent (independently owned) greater access to useful        information and the ability to provide better customer service.  In addition, the system will provide Rural Service’s regional and national offices with greater information about their   customer base and the activities of their general agents.  The following are the buying team members:

Aimee Linn, the salesperson’s primary contact at Rural Services.

Mike Hughes, Rural Services CEO and very interested in getting the new computer system. Kerri Nicks, director of the Rural Services MIS Department and heading up the project.      Tim Long, the national agency sales director and very involved in the new system’s design and requirements specifications.

Rural Services General Agents own the agencies and are not required to buy the new system (about $3500 per system).  Some of the agents do not believe the benefits of the new system are worth the price.

Two years ago, Tim Long spearheaded an effort to design and install a similar system.      Because Kerri Nicks did not approve, the project was never implemented and bad feelings between Tim and Kerri have existed ever since.  However, Mike Hughes has made it clear that he wants a new system.

Identify the role(s) each member of the buying centre plays, estimate the amount of   influence (low, medium, high, very high) each has on the final decision and the major problems, needs and expectations that you will need to address for each of them.

Mike Hughes communication style is best described as a Driver, while Kerri Nicks is an Expressive. What preparations and style flexing would you make to better relate to and communicate with these two members of the buying centre?