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MIS202 Managing Data & Information

1.    Before the Myki ticketing system was introduced Melbourne public transport relied on a paper-based ticketing system. Passengers would purchase a daily ticket or a two hour     ticket that permitted them to get on busses, trains and trams as many times until the      time of ticket expiry.

Draw an EER diagram to model this scenario. Identify entities, relationships, cardinalities. Any many-to-many relations that exist need to be resolved.


2.    Inspect the EER diagram below.


Write SQL statements that lists each of the following:

I .      A list of all vehicles

II.     A list of all cars with a maximum speed of 220km/h and carry at least 2


III.     The green arrow indicates a missing element in the EER. How would you fix it? Explain your reasoning.

IV.      What are the attributes of Truck’ entity? Is it possible to write a SQL query to        generate a list of Trucks that cost more than $20000? If so jot down your query, if not explain why not?

V.      List primary keys of all entities


3.    Google maps use both rasters and vectors to represent various information on its maps.

I.       What are raster and vectors? Explain with examples how rasters and vectors are used in google maps

II.       List an advantage and a disadvantage of using rasters in google maps. Repeat for Vectors.


4.    Dropbox is a file storage service in the cloud aimed at consumers and organisations alike.  One of the four V’s of Big Data is Volume.

III.       Explain the problem of big data in terms of volume in the context of Dropbox.

IV.       Explain one security vulnerability and how Dropbox could protect itself from such vulnerabilities.