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ECO2021 Basic Macroeconomics


Writing Assignment

As discussed in the course, consumption accounts for the major share of aggregate demand and GDP. It is also expected to be the major driving force of China’s economic growth in the future. Further understanding of China’s consumption potential and possible development will prove helpful to students, both as citizens as well as for their careers.

For this assignment, students are asked to write a long essay on the future of China’s

consumption, based on:

https://www.mckinsey.com/cn/our-insights/our-insights/five-consumer-trends-shaping-the-ne xt-decade-of-growth-in-china.

Aside from this reading from McKinsey, students must include two or three other written materials to extend the discussion. The final essay should be a well-integrated paper with logical structure.

The main body of the essay should be about 2,000 words, not counting references and tables (if any, but not required). There is no need for any summary or abstract. The “references” at the  end of the essay should include only the several readings that students have done in preparing for the essay. Do not include any other material that the essay does not refer to.

Students are reminded to digest what they read and write in their own words. All essays will be electronically checked against plagiarism. If there is any need to cite some author’s words,      these words must be put in quotation marks and the exact citation be clearly listed. The lack of either quotation marks or citation will be considered as plagiarism. An essay with many quoted words and citations will not commit plagiarism but will get a poor grade for lack of effort.