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Information for Final Exam (Assessment)

ECO220Y Quantitative Methods in Economics

L0101 and L0301

Aids Allowed

•  Any calculator

•  A formula sheet (posted in Quercus).  Print them out and use them during the test.

•  Statistics tables: Standard Normal Z table (2 pages), t-table (1 page), F-table (3 pages). Print them out and use them during the test.

Material to be covered in Final Exam

From the textbook by Sharpe, De Veaus, Velleman, and Wright: Business Statistics, 4th Canadian Edition for the University of Toronto, Pearson 2021

Chapter Topics

1–4        Statistics, Data, Population, Sample

5            Quantitative data

6            Scatterplots, Association, Correlation

7            Linear Regression

8            Randomness and Probability

9            Random Variables, Probability Distribution

10          Sampling Distributions

11          Confidence Intervals for Proportions

12          Testing Hypotheses on proportions

13          Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests for the Means

14          Comparing Two Means

18          Inference for Regression

19          Understanding Regression Residuals

20          Multiple Regression 21 Building Multiple Regression Models

•   Final exam is cumulative.  It covers up to end of Lecture 22 posted in Quercus.

•   The emphasis in the final exam is the second half of the course, which corresponds to the material in Test 2, Test 3 and after Test 3.  With respect to the textbook, the final exam has emphasis on Chapters 6, 7, 10–21.

Solutions to Textbook exercises

Answers to the odd numbered exercises are in Appendix A of the Textbook.

Tutorials for the Final Exam

•   There is one more tutorial on Friday August 13 as scheduled in the course outline.

•   There will be Question/Answer period by Dr. Yu on:

o Wednesday August 11, 11:00– 12:00 and 13:00– 14:00 in Bb Collaborate.

o Monday August 16, 11:00– 12:00 and 13:00– 14:00 in Bb Collaborate.

•   There will be office hours by the TA during August 16– 18.  Details will be posted.

Discussions in Quercus

You may post your questions in Quercus under discussions.  The TA will monitor the discussions and answer the questions.  Other students are welcome to post their answers and discussions too.

Instructor Victor Yu,victor.yu@utoronto.ca

Please indicate that you are in ECO220 in your email.

Posted Sample Final Exams

Sample final exams are posted in Quercus with answers to multiple choice and solutions to short answers.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the answers are free of errors, but there is no guaranteed for that.  Let Dr. Yu know by email if you see any errors in the answers.  These sample exams are the real past final exams given before.  Your final exam may cover more or less material than the sample exams.

Format ofFinal Exam

Part 1.    Short Answer questions (must show your work to get marks).

Part 2.   Multiple Choice questions (select the best answer, no part marks).

Details on writing the Final Exam on Quercus:

1. Login to Quercus before 9:00 on Thursday August 19, 2021. Final exam starts at 9:00 and ends at 11:20. This time includes doing the exam and uploading the answers. The exam is designed as a two-hour exam, but 20 minutes are added as buffer time for file uploads. That is, the process of file upload is part of the exam. Do NOT email your answers to Dr. Yu. All answers are marked from Quercus only. If you cannot do file upload in a question, you will not get the marks for that question.

2. Select ECO220-L0101/0301.

3. Select Term Tests and Final Exam. Select 2021-08-19 Final Exam-E220.

4. The exam has two parts.

o Part 1 is Short Answers, about 50 points (exact points to be updated). You need to show your work. You need to do file upload for each question to answer the question.

o Part 2 is Multiple Choice, about 50 points (exact points to be updated). Follow the Quercus instruction to select your best answer.

o Once you have selected 2021-08-19 Final Exam-E220, you can view all test questions. You can scroll back and forth in both Parts 1 and 2. You can answer any question in the order of your choice. In Part 1, if you change your answer in a question that you have done the “file upload” before, you need to do a “file upload again with your corrected answer. Your new file upload replaces the previous file upload”. Quercus only keeps your most recent file upload

and treat that as your answer. Similarly in Part 2, Quercus only keeps your most recent selection in multiple choice as your answer.

o For file upload”, only the formats in Word, PDF, jpg, or TXT are acceptable. Markers cannot open files in other formats and will give zero marks to the questions in other formats.

5. In Part 1 Short answers, write your answers on blank white papers with a black (or dark colour) pen. This is to ensure that the marker can read your answer. Include your photo ID (such as your T-card, drivers license etc.) with your file upload in Question 1. In the remaining of the exam, you do NOT need to upload your photo ID.

6. At the end of the exam, you must hit submit quiz to submit your answers to Quercus. After the submit quiz, you have handed in your exam and you will not be able to make changes to your answers.

If you want to ask a question during the test, emailvictor.yu@utoronto.caand Dr. Yu will reply to your email quickly.

If you have a system or Quercus issue during the test, contact help.desk@utoronto.ca, 416-978-4357.

Each student is writing a unique exam which is different from other students. Students must do the exam independently.

Make sure that you can do file upload in each question in Part 1 of the test. Only files uploaded in Word, PDF, jpg, or TXT formats will be marked. You do one file upload in each question in Part 1.

Trial Test

There is no trial test for the final exam.   The procedure to submit your final exam solutions is exactly the same as Tests 1, 2 and 3.