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Integrated Word and Excel Assignment 2021/22

        You will find you have been provided with a spreadsheet (Food Sales and Prices AY2122.xlsx) which includes data on the level of Retail Sales for Food in the UK (see ONS 2021a) and RPI inflation for Food items in the UK (see ONS 2021b), on a monthly basis since January of 1989. You should use this data to help you compile a short report on food consumption in the UK over this period.

1 The Assessment Brief

You are required to submit a short report, no more than four pages in length, which identifies a) any trends in food consumption and price changes in the UK and b) considers any relationships that might exist between the two.

You should use what we have learned on the course about Excel and Word to complete the work and must show evidence of using both to score well. You should however only submit ONE file in a .docx format.

2 What should my report include

You can include whatever material you feel is appropriate in your report but each of the following elements should be present.

1. A graph, prepared in Excel but included in your Word report.

2. At least two citations, properly referenced in the Harvard style, to sup-porting academic resources.

3. At least one equation, formatted in Microsoft Word using the equation editor.

4. Evidence of formatting - some of your text should have a different font, size and justification to that found elsewhere in your document.

5. A section which describes how you have worked with the data in Excel, including brief details of any functions you have used.

6. Some summary statistics, which have been compiled in Excel and pre-sented in a table in Word, which identify the main features of the data provided.

7. Use of some of the functionality within Excel to investigate the relationship between price and sales.

8. Evidence that you have tried to structure your document using appropriate headings, sections and associated styles.

Each of these elements will receive a mark (0,5 or 10) based on the level to which they have been executed within the document.

A further 20 marks are available for the quality of the academic writing used within the report. You should therefore use the spellchecker within Word to make sure your presentation is free from any typographical errors (typos).

3 Submitting Your Work

You will need to save your report as ”[StudentIDnumber]report.docx”, so if your student number is 123456 you should save your Word document as 123456re-port.docx. On the course Blackboard site you will then find an assessment where you should submit your report. Any questions should be sent to [email protected]

Data References

Office for National Statistics (ONS) (2021a). Dataset: Retail Sales Index. Avail-able at: https://www.ons.gov.uk/businessindustryandtrade/retailindustry/datasets/retailsalesindexreferencetables (Accessed 22 October 2021).

Office for National Statistics (ONS) (2021b). RPI:Percentage change over 12 months - Food and catering. Available at: https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/timeseries/czbj/mm23 (Accessed 22 October 2021).