The total marks for this coursework is 30. The weighting of this mark in relation your overal module grade will depend on the particular module you are taking. Full details are on Minerva.

Checking and Submitting your Programs

A program file is provided for you to to check the code you have written for this coursework and to create the zip file that you need to submit.

Any other files required for the web page to be produced by should be included in the same directory as your Python code. The checkout program will just zip up everything in that directory.

To create your submission file, do the following:

  1. Download the program file:
  2. Make sure it is in the same directory as your CW3 program files.
  3. Open and run in Spyder or some other Python IDE.
  4. You will then see the output resulting from running your programs on some test data.
  5. A file will then be created atomatically created. This is the file you should submit via Minerva.

Note on File Paths and URLs

You should avoid using file paths or URLs that refer to the particular folders on your computer, otherwise the code will not work on my computer. Normally any with any command that uses a path or URL you can just use the file name and it will look for the file in the directory where the program is being run or where the html file being viewed is located. You can test whether you program is depended on its particular folder location by simply copying all the files from that folder to another folder and running it in that other folder.