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QBUS3600 Individual Assignment 1 - Spotto

Notes to Students

1. The assignment MUST be submitted electronically to Turnitin through QBUS3600 Canvas site. Please do NOT submit a zipped file.

2. The assignment is due at 5:00pm on Friday 17 September 2021. The late penalty for the assignment is 5% of the assigned mark per day, starting after 5pm on the due date. The closing date Friday 24 September 2021 is the last date on which an assessment will be accepted for marking.

3. Your answers shall be provided as a word-processed report (Microsoft Word, LaTeX or equivalent) giving full explanation and interpretation of any results you obtain. Output without explanation will receive zero marks.

4. Be warned that plagiarism between individuals is always obvious to the markers of the assignment and can be easily detected by Turnitin.

5. The dataset for this assignment can be downloaded from Canvas. The dataset is highly confidential, and you have responsibility to keep it secure and for it to be used only for your QBUS3600 coursework.

6. Presentation of the assignment is part of the assignment. Marks are assigned for clarity of writing and presentation.

7. You should submit your Python code or Jupyter notebook to the separate submission page available on Canvas. Marks will be deducted if the code fails to execute properly.

8. You may insert small sections of your code into the report for better interpretation when necessary. However, you must consider the audience of your report.

9. Think about the best and most structured way to present your work, summarise the procedures implemented, support your results/findings and prove the originality of your work.

10. Numbers with decimals should be reported to the third decimal point.


Spotto (owned and operated by A2B Australia Pty Ltd) is an established mobile/hand-held payment product used by Australian Taxi Drivers to accept electronic payments.

The taxi payment acceptance industry is highly competitive with drivers often having multiple ways to accept electronic payments (i.e., multiple payment terminals) which creates a competitive situation for each and every payment the driver processes.

The Spotto product has proven successful in this highly competitive market, however there is further room to capture market share by increasing the number of drivers who use a Spotto device and by increasing the payments share of wallet of those drivers who have an existing Spotto device.

The current Spotto business model is as follows:

● Passenger takes ride in taxi with fare totalling $50

● Passenger elects to pay by electronic card (Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc etc)

● Taxi Driver accepts payment through Spotto payment terminal

● Passenger pays $52.50 (5% service charge for payment processing)

● Spotto Gross Revenue is $2.50

● Taxi driver is paid $50.50 (fare plus 1% out of the 5% service charge)

● Spotto Net Revenue is $2.00

The Spotto Management team have previously completed some qualitative research into the population and their use of Payment products. This is provided for further background knowledge.

Task 1 – Preliminary Investigation (80 marks)

You are provided with a dataset from Spotto/A2B. The dataset will become available after you have returned your signed Deed Poll to the course coordinator.

As a business analyst, you will do a preliminary Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) over the dataset. You are expected to find or reveal all possible properties, characteristics, patterns, and statistics hidden in the datasets. The results from your EDA may be used for the final goal of identifying the current key drivers of revenue and predicting potential growth opportunities.

Key questions that should be considered (these are examples, you should also consider others):

● What are the different customer segments for Spotto?

● What are the key characteristics of each segment?

● How does each customer segment contribute to Spotto’s current performance?

● What are the key drivers of performance for each customer segment?

● Are there opportunities to grow each customer segment and how big are those opportunities?

● What characteristics would drive the opportunity for growth?

● Are there any risks emerging based on the data? What are the characteristics of these risks and based on what data insights?

Write a report, limited to 15 pages (including everything except for appendices), to describe, explain, and justify your findings to the Spotto Management Team. Make sure your report is concise and objective.

List key resources as references in the end of your report, such as journal articles, conference papers, reports, news and software etc. Use APA style for your references.

Task 2 – Executive Briefing (20 marks)

You have been asked to summarise your findings so that they can be shared with the wider business and in particular, management. This one-page briefing should concisely describe your findings to a non-technical audience and primarily address the business problem. In the briefing you should also outline your suggestions for acting on your findings.

You are limited to a maximum of 1 page (included in the overall 15 pages).

Marking and Key Rules

Your reports will be marked against the following criteria and rules:

● Demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem

● Demonstrate consideration for the audience

● Clear outline and demonstration of investigation process

● Clear explanation of outputs. Proper justification of used methods.

● The overall analysis is sound and logical

● Clearly draw conclusions based on analysis

● Statements are clear, concise and accurate, with correct spelling, free of grammar errors and correct use of punctuation

● Use of visual presentation is appropriate

● The report is well structured, and sentences are well connected

● Closely follow a referencing style specified in Business School Referencing Guide (e.g. APA) with consistency

● Clear, concise and commented Python code, if any.


The dataset and data dictionary can be found on Canvas.

Additional information

Spotto also provides the summary of a recent qualitative driver study. This can be found on Canvas.