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CEN202  Civil Engineering Project Management

Coursework Brief 2022 23

1. Background/Objectives

The objective of this coursework is to review time and cost management techniques,        quality and safety management, sustainable design and construction, procurement             management, and life cycle costing. Various scenarios have been provided to reflect the   practical situations and applications. Students are required to understand and apply the     knowledge acquired during lectures of CEN202 Civil Engineering Project Management.  As there is no examination in CEN202 module, this coursework intends to assess most of the important topics studied in CEN202. The main topics covered here are:

Procurement system (Assignment 1)

Construction ethics (Assignment 2)

Quality management and safety management (Assignment 3)

Time and cost tradeoff (crashing) (Assignment 4)

Value engineering and Life Cycle Costing (Assignment 5)

2. Requirements

For calculation assignments, detailed steps of the calculation process should be provided. For essay assignments, students are required to conduct short researches. The preferred   reference sources are academic journal articles and books. In case internet sources are     used as references, the source should be a reliable one. Wikipedia cannot be listed as one of your references. Check the reference format required at the department.

3. Marks

The total mark for this coursework is 100 points which will be 90% of your final mark.

4. Notes

A scanned copy of handwritten calculations is only allowed for assignment 4.

The following marking scheme will be used for marking assignments 1, 2, 3.

Mark  for  each criteria

Very weak









(80- 100%)



Structure: Logical, Clear and Comprehensive.




Key points and Body: Displays an understanding of the subject area, Accurate information, Addresses core issues, Specific and well argued.

Research and Investigation: Carry out appropriate research and investigation during the semester

Resources: Well researched and references authoritative sources used, Clearly referenced.


Language and format: Correct English, Academic writing, Professional format, Proper citation, within the page limit




Assignment 1 (20 pts)

Various project delivery systems have been adopted for the construction industry, such as design-bid-build, design-build, and CM at risk.  In recent years, great attention has been   focused on a relatively new delivery system - Engineering Procurement Construction       (EPC). Please conduct the necessary research to learn this EPC method and its current      application in the construction industry. Accordingly, please (1) introduce the EPC and    its implementation process; (2) describe the benefits and challenges of implementing       EPC; (3) and suggest how the construction industry should move forward towards a more effective adoption of EPC approach. (At least 4 references are required. Wikipedia does   not count. 12pts, 1-2 pages)

Assignment 2 (20 pts)

Various digital technologies have been explored and implemented in the construction       industry to improve productivity, such as Lidar, BIM and GIS. The adoption of these new technologies produces huge amount of digital data. Please do some relevant research and then answer the following questions. (1) What are the main benefits of using and              managing these huge amount of digital data for our construction projects? (2) What are    the potential ethical issues resulted from using these digital data and what are the              potential solutions? (At least 4 references are required. 12pts, 1-2 pages)

Assignment 3 (20 pts)

Quality and safety are always important issues that need to be properly addressed in the   construction field. There are many innovative technologies and tools being developed to  help improve the quality and safety of construction work. Please do some relevant            research and write a report that (1) introduces one innovative technology/tool or a             combination of several technologies/tools being implemented in the industry to improve  the quality and safety of construction work; (2) describes its implementation process; (3)  discusses the benefits and challenges of implementing such technologies/tools. (At least 4 references are required. Wikipedia does not count. 12pts, 1-2 pages)

Assignment 4 (20 pts.)

Assignment 5 (20 pts)

Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) are the most common           methods for ranking projects in terms of the present value of future cash flows. However, it might not be easy to decide which of these two methods—NPV or IRR—is better for   evaluating projects. Table 1 shows cashflows of project A and project B.

(a) Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for Project A and B. Please show your calculation procedures.

(b) Draw a graph showing the relationships between ‘Net Present Value (Y-axis)’ vs. ‘interest rates and Internal Rate of Return (X-axis)’ for Project A and Project B.   The range of interest rates at X-axis should be between 6% and 12%. Give you    conclusion for which project is more financially attractive.

(c) Discuss the drawbacks of the IRR method.

(d) Use your own words to discuss at what conditions we should utilize different      financial evaluation methods cost-benefit analysis, payback period, ROI, NPV, and IRR.

Table 1. Cashflows for project A and project B


Project A

Project B